Company Mergers and acquisitions. Domestic and international trading. Corporate Law. Joint ventures and strategic alliances. Partner agreements. Risk capital operations. Restructuring and reorganization of groups of companies. Contests of creditors. Creation and advice of all kinds to foundations and associations. Right of defense of Spanish and European Union competition. Real estate and construction law. Right of Persons, Family and Inheritance.

Financial law and stock market

Loans, credits and syndicated financing lines. Asset financing. Project finance. Refinancing, debt restructuring and negotiation with banks, other financial institutions or credit funds. Emissions and public offerings of securities (OPS and OPV). Public takeover bids (OPA). Issuance of financial assets (Debentures, warrants, hybrids and structured guaranteed securities). Advice to investment service companies. Corporate governance of listed companies.

Internet law. E-Commerce

Adequacy of Web content and privacy policies to the Data Protection regulations and the Law of Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce. Online Marketing. Consumer rights, obligations to consumers and users, online contracting and customer service. Personal data protection. Trademarks, copyrights and inventions, assignments and licenses of industrial and intellectual property rights, technology transfer contracts, software licenses and IT services.


Abuses and bad banking practices. Preferred shares. Interest rate or SWAPS coverage. Ground clauses established in mortgages. Warrants. Vitiation of consent with nullity of contracts. Claims against the Financial Advisory Firm (EAFI) for nullity and / or breach of contract. Analysis of the existence of abusive clauses in mortgage loans. Multi-currency mortgages. Debt renegotiation. Defense of the obligors to the payment of bills of exchange linked to promotions of construction companies in competition.

Administrative litigation

Public contracting, administrative concessions, expropriations, constitutional and fundamental rights, administrative infractions and sanctions, relations with the Administration, and issues related to Administrative and Constitutional Law, including jurisdictional protection of fundamental rights. Urban and Environmental Law. Administrative Litigation Procedural Law.

Regulatory and insurance law

Procedures before the General Directorate of Insurance of the Ministry of Economy and Finance. Constitution of insurance companies. Freedom to provide services and right of establishment. Analysis of insurance products, opinions on the processing of queries, advice on Inspections of the General Directorate of Insurance, drafting clauses of general and particular conditions of insurance contracts, advice on Pension Plans and regular advice to entities.

Procedural, criminal, civil and arbitration

Defense of any rights; Exercise of civil, mercantile or mortgage actions as plaintiffs or defendants; Actions of contractual or extracontractual liability; Request for precautionary and preventive measures. Executive procedures. National and international arbitrations. Defense in criminal proceedings and the exercise of criminal actions, with special intervention in crimes related to the area of economic criminal law.


Representation before the Tax Administration before inspection procedures, verification and / or sanction. Litigation-administrative proceedings. Planning of corporate restructuring operations of corporate groups. Planning and fiscal restructuring of private estates. Tax planning for the purposes of the Tax on the Estate and Tax on Inheritance and Donations. Financial planning of business groups and SMEs. Tax-efficient systems of wage remuneration. Budgetary controls. Financial statement analysis. Provision of tax management services and accounting advice.

Foundations, associations and NGOs

Incorporation, preparation of bylaws and development of Foundations, Associations and non-profit-making entities. Services of Secretary and Vice secretary of Patronage. Tax optimization and day-to-day advice. Preparation, review and negotiation of agreements and contracts. Acceptance of inheritance. Intestate. Claim of forced heirship and legacies.

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